Sakkara Heartsong at age seven experienced being in an accident that changed her life dramatically; her clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient & gifts from precious interplanetary incarnations were activated. Her knowledge and wisdom gleaned from traveling internationally, living at sacred sites around the world, swimming\working with dolphins, whales and the birthing of her daughter (Angelea) in water are but a few of her personal experiences that have assisted her awakening on the path of self-mastery. She is the founder and director of Hathors Temple of Love & Sound Mystery School in Mount Shasta, California. Master Overtone Sound Healer
Sakkara is a multidimensional master overtone sound healer (4 octave vocal range) and has the ability to receive the music of the spheres. Sakkara has been working with toning & sound vibrations from the Divine Blueprint for 22 years. Her extraordinary multidimensional Classes, Intensives, and Sound Healing CD's are accelerators to prepare humanity for the prophesied shift of Maya 2012, 7th Golden Age. She channels through her voice, dolphin, whale & Hathor harmonics messages that create transformational sacred sound templates.
Master Teacher
Sakkara is a Mayan Sh'men (female shaman) of the Heart of the Jaguar and High Priestess of Sacred Alchemies. She has become what her sound healing & teachings evokes. Her high integrity with the right use of intention, awareness and sound together assist those souls who are healers, teachers and light workers in unification, initiation, regeneration & Divine Alignment, preparing humanity for the next octave. She now travels extensively and transmits a body of teachings based on Ancient Egyptian, Mayan & Tibetan Mystery School practices for the evolution of the soul and the physical manifestation of Christ Consciousness.
Hathor Harmonics
Sakkara is also a channel/emissary for the Hathors, Maters of Love and Sound. The Hathors are the wisdom of the heart from an ascended intergalactic civilization.They are inter-dimensional beings. The Hathors are bringing forth through Sakkara's voice the knowledge and wisdom of sacred sound to assist humanity in the embodiment of Immortality and the Ascension of the heart. Hathor harmonic templates have been anchored in Ancient Egypt, Mayan and Tibetan cultures.
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