Sakkara Heartsong: Her full sensory perception co-creates each person's one-on-one session with the over lighting Devas, Elementals, Ascended Masters, Angels and Monadic I AM Christ consciousness. Blending her knowledge and wisdom with the Hathors, all personal sessions are life transforming.

All private one-on-one sessions are one and a half hours.

Private one-on-one session: Akashic Record Readings: Collection of all past (Etheric Akashic), present, and future (Akashic) experience and learning for individuals beings, collective consciousness, and all of existence. Records of all that ever has been, all that is, and all that ever shall be. Soul Mission Readings: Divine templates, codes, interplanetary incarnations, spiritual gifts, ascended Masters and Angels one is working with to fulfill their life mission of the Divine Blueprint, 7th Golden Age.
Immortal Body Activation: Integrity and action of the heart, soul & spirit, mastery of alchemy and ascension; embodying divine truth, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, peace and mastery through out nine-dimensional aspects of the individual self-embodied in full masculine – feminine Christ balance. The ability to ascend and take the body with you. Hathors Harmonic Ascension(c): This one-on-one privet session advances you into multi-dimensional DNA soul progression. Receive the harmonic seals of Divine Union that activates your Christ codes, blueprint and template. This session is a galactic accelerator that develops your Light Body; claiming your Divine Inheritance. Hathors Harmonic Ascension(c), Hathors Temple of Love and Sound, Founder/Teacher Rev. Sakkara Heartsong.
Galactic Solar Body Activation/ Restoration: Harmonically converging the physical body into the new solar age, Maya 2012. Embodying the biorhythms of the Heart of the Galactic beam, becoming a galactic human being. Soul Essence Retrieval/Restoration: Mending the fragmented self-emotional or physical trauma. Restoring pieces of one's soul that has fled the body in order to survive past-life and present-life trauma. Our soul is our essence, life force.

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