I have been working on my issues for a long time, for more than ten years. I have received sessions from many healers. I have learned healing techniques and have done a lot of work on myself too. Nobody could understand why my life was still stuck and blocked. My horoscope indicated many blockages at every corner of my life. It was my childhood. Yes. It was my past lives. Yes. I have worked on all of them. But I was still caught up somewhere. Should I give up? No. I knew it was not my truth.

Today in Sakkara's session, finally, what could not be cleared before was brought into light and released. Sakkara read it, understood it and helped clear it from many dimensions of my being. It was such a relief to find there is at least one being on this planet who is in human embodiment who understands this and the reasons behind it. And it was not only understanding this but she could move it and clear it and worked with many other light beings to help strengthen my inner foundation.

Thank you, Sakkara, for being here on the planet, for being such a healer. Your love for the souls and spirits who want to reach their own divine within and live from there is very deep. My head is deeply bowed to your love.

- J. El Moorea, Japan

I have known Sakkara for many years and have found her heart to be true and pure. At the first glance I had of her my heart leaped as her heart holds such depth. Over the years we have communicated and sycronistically connected.

This last year I experienced difficulties that were so overwhelming to me that I had to go deep within for my answers and even then I struggled profoundly. I was guided to work with Sakkara personally in navigating my challenges. It was her help that brought a precious wisdom to me that I inherently knew but she brought fourth so clearly that my path became "golden" in that my "soul purpose" in this challenge became evident.

I am attempting to put words on a work so beautiful and elegant that words are hard to form. She, to me, is a true teacher during these times of which we are all wanting to bring in the "New Shambala."

She helped me see the dimensions I work on very clearly and in doing so gave a deeper meaning to all that I do. Sakkara is so precise in all she does. I listen to her CD's over and over as the beauty in her words continue to bless me. Her voice is truly a harmony in itself and her gifts are to be cherished. Her life has not been an easy one, but her courage and perseverance has been truly heroic. Her joy and love of life is contagious and this is so real as it comes from a life well lived. She is a dear teacher!.

- Maria T., California USA

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